Waldemar Kapruziak

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  • X.1997 ¼ Marathon in Police
  • IV 1998 Next to Last in Academics Championship of Bridge in Szczecin
  • V 1998 Second  position on 800m. Szczecin University Championship
  • VII 1998 Szczecinska 20 Km. Position 108
  • V 1999 Second Position in 800m. in Academics Championship of Szczecin
  • V 2000 Hundred and something :) position in Cross-country Academics Championship of Poland

The first time Waldek had contact with sport competition in 1996 in High School. He was selected to represent his school in shot put. It was a great failure but he didn't break down and continued his career. The great development was at the first year of study where Waldek was attending at University Light Athletic Sport Section and Bridge University Section. Then he gain his diploma and reward for second place at the 800 m ( it was time 1,41 what was the world record in this time, but real distance was 600m :) After that he started in Szczecinska Dwódziestka run in distance of 20 km. He was 108 with time 1.33 h.  After Academics Bridge Tournament In Szczecin where Waldek his bridge partner were next to last career in bridge was fading and was close to break down. Additionally L.A. club didn't develop in that day so 1998 passed without bigger successes.

He continued his career and was able to gain few new diplomas in local academics completions. He was selected

:)Nowadays he plays basketball anywhere it is possible with his friends and thinking about get  back to running. Will see maybe the great

as representative of his home   University of Szczecin in the National Academics Championship in cross-country in Kraków. At this competition he manage to gain few point but result much under his awaitings. This was the beginning of the end this brilliant but short career of Waldek Kapruziak. Because of rush of events in his study and few different reason his career brake down. Waldek still trying to rebuild the shape from old years but it isn't that simple any more

time of great achievements will come back. :)                                     Author: Waldemar Kapruziak


Waldek's career in bridge was short and painful :) But it was fun to play with all this friends and learn system of communication. The great regret was that Waldek hasn't more time to sped to study that and take that game a little bit more serious. But who cares, he still plays with that just for fun :)

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