Waldemar Kapruziak

Yeah it was beautiful and careless period in my life. It ended 10.06.2002 when I graduated my master of science title on University of Szczecin. More information about this unusual place you can find on web page or faculty where i was studying But let's start from beginning and for better presentation let me use a table :)
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School classification Name of school Comments Pictures :)
Primary school Primary School nr 53 in szczecin, Name of Fryderyk Chopin.

Maybe its funny but I cant remember lot of this stuff what's was going on then. Not because i was drinking that much but may be because it passed quickly without bigger influence on me. Definitely too long ago :)

High school ( secondary school) High School nr 8 in Szczecin, Name of polish Sportsman Gone wild these days. Lot of different occasions to celebrate and drink and do things which normal people do not do :) I have few really great friends then with some of them I still have contact. Only  regret that I lost contact with rest of companions of straggling with wild teenagers age.
University University of Szczecin, Faculty of Computer Science and Econometrics, Specialization: Econometrics in Management. Definitely calmer than High School but I met there great friends, people you cant meet anywhere else only at your university. Lot of time spent on bridge and other card plays, a little bit of learning and lot of experience what life really is.  That really is one of the best time in your life.
Others, difficult to classification :) I will write more if I remind myself any kind of this :) or if I will be attending to some kind school or courses in the future.    

Yes I know this pictures looks silly but I guess I did look more less that and probably doesn't look any better now :)

My master thesis on subject "Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Classification on Example Warsaw Stock Market Enterprises" will be mention in Project/Achievements Section


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